Whether you love Maui (yet) or not, you'll want to come along for the ride!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the perfect summer read!

A smashing debut about a troika of thirty-somethings, stuck in the rut of twenty-somethings, who set out on a crusade -- a pilgrimage of sorts, seeking a cure for Mattie's break-up blues and finding adventure (on steroids) on a get-well island tour.
They journey from San Francisco to the mecca of Maui, finding the holy grail of friendship and answering age-old questions: Where am I now in my life? Why do we fall in and out of love? what mends a broken heart? what unsticks us from the ruts of modern life? Can we quit our day job? Follow our bliss?
The trip works its magic. Deciding she's played dumb blonde long enough, Mattie reinvents herself from her strappy size five sandals up. For mensa Jill, it's a chance to get away from two high-powered high-tech jobs and find new haunts for her continuous hunk-hunt. Chloe's too exhausted playing den mom and workaholic to pay attention to what she really wants, until she slows down to the speed of light and, switcheson her intuition, and is totally seduced by the island.
The fourth main character is Maui itself -- that hunky heartthrob, demigod and jokester -- formidably beautiful yet still interesting, quirky, sexy, active and adventuresome, with a sunny disposition...and rainbows of promise. The island works its magic as road trips, local characters, surf breaks, and cheshire moons transform our heroines as surely as mai tai sunsets, punctuated by green flashes. The transformative power of place speaks to each heroine...and to us.
Take a jaunt, a romp, and a Maui adventure with our three musketeers as they circumnavigate the island on a swashbuckling journey to find love, mystery, and change -- an Rx for stuck lives. Go awol with the ya-ya trio, and discover the benefits of play, retail therapy, sunshine and friendship...with a tropical twist.